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    How I use Google Maps for genealogy research

    My grandparents, John Briner and Nancy Vespa Briner, were traveling ministers in the early years of their marriage. They spent a good chunk of the 50’s and 60’s traveling up and down the east coast, hosting revivals and church meetings. Luckily, these church visits were often heavily publicized, and I’ve found lots of advertisements in newspapers and church newsletters detailing their visits.

  • Technology,  Tips & Tricks

    How I organize my genealogy research

    I use Google Drive (+ related apps) for the majority of my research. This has developed over the course of three or so years, after trying several different on- and offline tools and systems. Digital tools are great for several reasons: digital documents take up less space, I can search by keyword for specific people/places/dates, I can take it with me everywhere I go– even places with no wifi!, and I can share documents/research notes with fellow historians, if need be. Also, it’s all FREE! This post will be a quick overview of my Google Drive research system. I’ll do more in-depth posts for specific digital tools I use, such…