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Research Plan – September 2018

Happy September! I’m now in my final semester at library school, which means I need to write/complete a portfolio as well as finish my last class. I may not get a whole lot of time to actually DO genealogy, but I’m going to try to accomplish a few things each month anyway.

Here’s what I’m hoping to do this month:
1. Start a “document transcription” log.
This involves actually going through all the documents I already have and typing out the salient points. I already kind of do this for my family history narratives, but I only extract the information I need for THAT narrative. Often there’s other info that may be handy for research, but I don’t have it noted. I can attach this transcription/description to my document index file to keep everything in one place.

This is also somewhat tied into my “genealogy restart” that I started earlier this year with the accidental deletion of my Ancestry family tree. I need to get into the habit of writing a research log and/or taking copious research notes. I’ve gotten better ever since I started writing the family history narratives, but it could be better.

2. Add screenshots of indexed info to my document folder.
As of right now, I only have document images and PDF files of webpages. I don’t actually have copies of indexed information. Until I’m able to order IRL copies of the actual items, I should at least have a copy of the index for my records.

3. Properly scan at least 10 photographs from NEV collection.
I took “photo scans” of my grandmother’s photo archive with my phone, but I really should properly scan them for my own archive. To make it easier for myself, I’ll make it a goal to do 10 a month.

4. Contact one IRL archive for non-digitized document help.
I have put this off for two years because I was worried about bothering someone— but I realize that I may be missing out on valuable information because I don’t want to email a stranger. I’m not sure who I’m going to contact or what I’m going to ask for, but I do have a few items on my wishlist. I’m thinking I’ll contact one or more of the churches/church archives for the Briner side of the family, as they were heavily involved with the church for decades.

The Assemblies of God churches have a central archive, but they also have smaller district archives that each church is supposed to send information to if/when they close. However, a church that is still functioning may still have their original documents– such as the small church attached to the graveyard that a chunk of Briners are buried in.

I’ll post an update at the end of the month on how much I’ve accomplished from my list. What are you hoping to get done in September?

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