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Research Plan – April 2018

So much for updating once a week! At this rate, I’ll be lucky to update once a month.

For this post, I thought I’d go over what I’m hoping to accomplish for the rest of the month. I’m prepping for Genealogy Jamboree in June, which means tidying up my various genealogy websites! I’m currently trying to get my family history site looking nice, adding photos and documents, etc. and trying to get the layout to look not TOO out of date.

I’m using The Next Generation software to run the site, which is very thorough in covering data, but unfortunately somewhat lacking in modern-looking templates. Anyway, this next week or so I want to:

  1. Update the Briner-Vespa Genealogy website. This includes:
    a. Changing the template (done!).
    b. Updating the graphics for the front page (working on it).
    c. Re-importing the GEDCOM from Ancestry. I may have to wipe it and start from scratch, as there’s some weird blips from the first time I imported it a year ago.
    d. Figuring out how to set memberships to approval.
    e. Uploading photos/documents and putting them behind a “paywall” e.g. not just hanging out and about.
  2. Order business cards. These will be handy to have at the conference, and if I ever need to physically mail something to someone or if I go to other genealogy events or whatever. You never know!
  3. Create a list of “topics” to ask about at booths at the conference. It’s helpful if I can keep in mind that I want to ask about Scandinavian farm names, for instance, with concrete examples from my own research.

I’m really excited to go to the Jamboree! This will be my third time going, and I’m hoping that this year I’ll actually get up the nerve to go to one of the evening social events.


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