Webinar: Exploring Manufacturers (Non-Population) Schedules (ACPL)

Title: “Exploring Manufacturers (Non-Population) Schedules”
Presenter: Cynthia Theusch, librarian at Allen County Public Library
Date viewed: December 29, 2020 (1h)
Permalink: https://acpl.libnet.info/event/4723939


As early as 1810, the U.S. government gathered basic information and statistics from a variety of manufactures. Learn about investments of owners, wages of employees, products produced and more. See how you might add some of this information to your family story.

I think I must’ve attended a presentation on this topic before, because it all seemed very familiar to me. It was interesting seeing the difference between a presentation from a library versus a professional (genealogist) presenter– the tone was more overtly informative, kind of like a book report? (More academic?) Whereas professional presenters tend to weave in entertaining tidbits, which makes it more “fun.”

Webinar came with a handout, which I’ve added to my library.


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