Webinar: Ten Databases You Need to Know About (Legacy Family Tree)

Title: “Ten Databases You Need to Know About ”
Presenter: Shannon Combs-Bennett, T2 Family History
Date viewed: December 30, 2020 (1h20m)
Permalink: https://familytreewebinars.com/download.php?webinar_id=1216


Researchers depend on the internet but often look at only a few sites. These 10 databases are not frequently visited but should be!

Always love learning about niche databases for genealogy research. Also had a brilliant idea to organize lists of databases on a spreadsheet, which I’m going to start doing ASAP. I have things bookmarked, but I do find it difficult to navigate. And it’ll be easier to start from a curated list of websites that I use regularly as opposed to digging through a huge selection of links on a site like Cyndi’s List. Another project to work on in 2021!


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