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Weekly Wrap-up: Dec. 27-Jan. 2

Another relatively lazy week– I always feel the laziest in the days between Christmas and New Year, and since I didn’t have anything major to do, I just embraced the procrastination. That said, I did get some stuff done:

This Week (Dec. 27-Jan. 2)

1. Continued to manually add in relatives to MacFamilyTree. Currently at 159/186 people (+8 from previous week).
I switched back over to my mother’s side of the family and started adding people from there; this is the side that has a LOT of newspaper articles about their missionary and church work, and I will need to add all that to their Sources list eventually. However, in an effort to keep things moving and not get bogged down, at the moment I’m only adding vital documents and Census records.

2. Attended 2 webinars and wrote blog posts of my experience.

Next Week (Jan. 3-9)

Will continue to add people to my MacFamilyTree. I’m very close to finishing!

Webinars on my schedule for this upcoming week:

Speaking of webinars, Family Tree Webinars have added their 2021 presentations to their registration page, so I’ve gone through and signed up for all the ones I’m interested in. There’s some really good topics and presenters coming through the next year, and I’m excited to be able to attend them.

I’d also like to do another transcription post, and one more post (topic to be determined) this week.


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